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Feature rich, low cost & easy to use!

There's more to effective text messaging than just blasting thousands of messages out at the cheapest possible price. Our texting platform is FEATURE RICH and has been designed with marketers, list managers, customer care departments and business development managers in mind. To get the best possible return on investment you need to use the best possible services. This means using a reliable, low cost, fast, easy to use and efficient platform operating through tier 1 SMS gateways - and that's where we come in!

Our systems have huge throughput with little to no buffering AND unlike "grey route" & "sim farm" operators (which really are a false economy) we provide full reporting on the status of each message and you only get charged for what is actually delivered!

All our routes use prime UK network tier 1 gateway channels for the best possible deliverability and status reporting PLUS our SMS platform provides many features as standard where most other providers will have hidden costs for what they see as "extras" but we feel are essential to providing our customers with the best possible all round quality texting service.

Not only is our system fully loaded with features but it has also been designed to be as easy to use as possible with features like recipient list management, saved message templates, dynamic alpha numeric sender IDs and many many more...

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