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SMS API Service

Firstly... Why SMS:

  • SMS text messages have over 10 times the open/view rate of email.
  • No deliverability issues - eg no Spam scores/traps or ESP issues to worry about.
  • 99% of delivered text messages are read.
  • Quick response - texts are usually read sooner than email - with 90% read within 1 hour.
  • Higher ROI over email marketing. Higher send cost but far superior response rate.
  • Perfect for instant/urgent customer, member or staff notifications.
  • Easy response handling. Interact with your recipients quickly and easily.
  • Easy setup, scheduling and sending.
  • Drive visitors to your website directly by text message.



Our custom sms text message software and hardware provide the flexibility to enable us to provide a feature rich service at much less cost than our competitors. In fact we are sure that a comparison of like for like services with other UK based companies would no doubt show we are very hard to beat on both pricing AND service! But don't just take our word for it - sign up for an account now and you will be allocated with free credits so you can test out our services fully. We're sure you will be impressed!


wholesaleSMS.co.uk Features Summary:

  • Free credits on signup. Test our platform at no cost.
  • No lengthy contracts or minimum sends.
  • UK based direct route premium service.
  • Full international sending capability - over 800 networks & 200 countries worldwide.
  • Easy message template creation. Save message as template before sending.
  • Easy recipient list creation/management. Send from existing lists or create new.
  • Suppression list management. Automated opt-out/stop request handling.
  • Message personalisation eg include {NAME} in messages.
  • Schedule future sends up to 1 month's time.
  • Quick send/test page for up to 5 recipients.
  • Multiple mobile number formats accepted eg local, national, international.
  • Dedicated long or shortcode numbers with unlimited keywords.
  • Automated keyword & dedicated long code ordering - numbers from all over the world.
  • Dynamic alpha numeric sender ID's.
  • Full incoming message handling and forwarding using keyword triggers.
  • Create auto-responders and auto-subscribers.
  • Send SMS text messages by eami with our simple to use email to SMS feature.
  • Data cleanup included prior to sending.
  • Full reporting including delivery & network responses.
  • Network ID reporting ie see which network the number is on.
  • Easy exporting of good numbers, bad numbers and suppressed numbers.
  • Comprehensive premium data cleaning service.
  • Multiple file formats and layouts for uploads accepted.
  • Built in URL/link shortener - shrink your tracking links.
  • Track link clickers - See which numbers have clicked a link in your messages.
  • Create SMS auto responders - send automated text messages to incoming leads.
  • Create event responders - send automated messages based on events eg a clicked link in an SMS message.
  • Secure data transfers over SSL server connection.
  • Pre send number validations included - bad number stripping and full HLR data cleaning service.
  • Payment accepted by credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, pre-paid voucher.
  • Credits do not expire. Use them over whatever time period you like.
  • Access the platform via the web portal or over HTTP with our simple SMS API REST service or through our SMPP SMS Gateway.
  • Want to re-sell? We can provide a totally branded SMS White Label Service in minutes!



Extra Features:

  • Smart Phone app available for APPLE
  • Smart Phone app available for ANDROID


Coming Soon:

  • Desktop App


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