Easily integrate our service into your own systems and applications!


SMS API Service

Using as few as just six fields you can integrate our sms service into any system, application or website in no time!

Our advanced API has been specially created to provide an extremely simple yet versatile way to connect to our sms service. The list of uses is endless - limited only by your imagination!

All the features of the web based platform including dynamic sender ID functionality are available through the API and similar again to the web based platform full reporting of all messages sent through the API is available in your portal area.

And now we've added extra features with our new HLR (Home Location Register) data cleaning API. Maximize your data by validating and cleaning it before sending your SMS messages. At a fraction of the cost of an SMS message HLR data number cleaning is a great way to reduce your sending costs.

SMS API Features:

  • Extremely simple set up.
  • Full documentation provided.
  • Utilise the same features and functionality as the web based platform.
  • Suitable for a vast array of applications.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our white label option.
  • Seemless integration.
  • Easily create event responders and auto responders with our built in FEATURES
  • Full tech support available.

Click to see an example of how you can use the API service to generate leads and retain client details

SMS API Setup Process:

  • Download your chosen API spec document.
  • Go to your account area to get your account number & API key.
  • Follow the instructions in the integration documents.
  • Run a test or two (free credits provided) and adjust settings if required.
Download Standard SMS API Docs | Download HLR Data Cleaning API Docs

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