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Our aim is to provide direct route SMS/Texting services at the lowest possible prices without compromising the utmost high end quality of service and customer support that you as a customer would expect and we as a service provider strive to achieve. We strongly believe the SMS text messaging services we offer through TextMo.net ™ & wholesaleSMS.co.uk follow this ethos.

No one understands more than we that simply being the cheapest is not good enough and that quality of service is also paramount. Our premium routes are provided through Tier 1 Direct Connections to all the major UK networks and worldwide aggregators for international capability covering 800 networks in over 150 countries/territories.

Although we provide our services to anyone from individuals to multi-national corporations however large or small a client you may be you will receive the best possible service and support available.

We all know how important it is for emerging businesses to stand out from the crowd especially in today's highly competitive markets and prominence of the internet. One of the proven time honoured ways potential clients can be attracted is by recommendation and to this end we have created this testimonial page.

We asked some of our customers if they would be willing to contribute a review of our services by way of a testimonial and with the authority of the companies/individuals mentioned we have provided below examples of a few actual, verifiable case studies and testimonials.

To verify a testimonial please use the contact link below each review. An email will be sent to the client so they can respond to you themselves.


Client type: Company
Business type: IT developers
Platforms being used: API direct & web portal
Message type(s): Daily updates of new offers for voucher code website customers.

SMS system: Easy to use API. Extremely flexible and very reliable.
Pricing: Unbeatable.
Customer service: Fast and knowledgeable service from the support team.

I have been using TEXTMO for over 6 month's now and I can only say I am extremely impressed with the service and the customer care provided by their very knowledgeable support team. Great work guys!

Review provided by: Rob, Titan IT


Client type: Ltd Company
Business type: Performance Marketing
Platforms being used: White label platform
Message type(s): We operate a white label reseller version on behalf of our own clients who are mainly affiliate networks, agencies and marketers.

SMS system: Great features and solid service.
Pricing: For prime route reliability these prices are the best around.
Customer service: Excellent. True 24/7 availability and fast responses.

The textmo and wholesale sms teams run what is basically a simply superb sms platform. Because of the volume we send, every fraction of a penny makes a big difference to our costs and their pricing is what initially attracted us to the service. We were worried that the low cost might indicate a lesser or sub standard quality of service but I am very pleased to say we were wrong, very wrong in fact! In our experience the service is stable, reliable and does exactly what we need it to and the customer service and support is top notch too.

Review provided by: Peter, Executive SMS Manager - Mail 2 Media www.mail-2-media.co.uk


Client type: Ltd Company
Business type: Revenue Share Affiliate Marketing
Platforms being used: White label and web platform
Message type(s): Marketing, promotions and updates.

SMS system: Fully loaded feature wise. Fast reliable system.
Pricing: Very good. Like for like service to price very difficult to beat.
Customer service: No complaints. Always available and seem to know their stuff.

More than happy with wholesale sms service. We used a few others in the past but none have come close in price and quality of service. As far as I'm concerned there's no point shopping around, if you've found these guys you basically found what you've been looking for.

Review provided by: Naren - MD, Web Solutions.


Client type: Ltd Company
Business type: Business/IT Consultants
Platforms being used: API Service
Message type(s): Sale alert and discount approval messages as part of a retail sales mobile web application.

SMS system: A very good and reliable SMS API service that is easy to integrate with and reliable.
Pricing: Excellent - you were the cheapest we could find in the UK.
Customer service: Very good. Responses have always been very prompt and very helpful in resolving queries.

A very good and reliable SMS API service that is easy to integrate with and reliable. The SMS message reports are extremely easy to use and provide very useful information for passing on costs to end Client.

Review provided by: Paul, Managing Director - Pro-intex www.pro-intex.co.uk


Client type: Football Club
Business type: Club
Platforms being used: Web portal
Message type(s): Match updates, club information.

SMS system: Easy to use, reliable, good value for money.
Pricing: Very good.
Customer service: Good.

Easy to use, reliable, good value for money.

Review provided by: Laura, Darlington FC - www.darlington1883.co.uk